Libera enlinea Shakoludo. Shakoludez nun en neta interfaco. Nula enrejistro, nula reklamo, nula extensoprogramo necesa. Shakoludez kun komputero, amiki o hazarda adversi.
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  1. Ok, this is REALLY getting annoying EG-Gamer55 Most of the time when i join a tournament and wait for my match, I wai […]
  2. Excellent game PigsRule I was a bit worried during the e […]
  3. Just ONE CLIC to rematch marcos81 I would like to start the rematch just with one clic, not two: 1) C […]
  4. Easy puzzles seen broke, other […] numbertwopencil "not all puzzles end in check(mate)" Yes, I'm a bad enough player t […]
  5. Easy puzzles seen broke, other […] Clarkey Not all puzzles end in check or checkmate(?) Is that the "DOH" moment?
  6. Easy puzzles seen broke, other […] PigsRule Have you tried reloading the page after you finish the puzzle?
  7. Easy puzzles seen broke, other […] numbertwopencil Am I going to say "DOH"?
  8. Easy puzzles seen broke, other […] numbertwopencil Puzzle 36571 Rating: 1115 Played 247 times Rating: 13 In this pu […]
  9. Suggestion PigsRule @chunkymonkey Scholar's mate theme song […]
  10. takebacks Wafflesmack good for learning and coffeehouse games, although i never use them
  11. Easy puzzles seen broke, other […] numbertwopencil Here's a bit more detail. I'm playing a training puzzle. I win. Ya […]
  12. takebacks PigsRule I only accept takebacks in games with my friends, and I only grant tak […]
  13. takebacks Dima666 so for me its challenge to accept like "ok show me what you got on me […]
  14. takebacks Dima666 I asking sometimes only when I did the missclick and I usually accept […]
  15. Easy puzzles seen broke, other […] numbertwopencil Hmmm, maybe I'm missing something rather obvious and this is a DOH! qu […]
  16. Stockfish 8 openings movesday A lot of programs I've faced seem to have this problem. I've managed t […]
  17. Standard vs Blitz rating CATWARRIOR2005 blitz = skill, standart chess = preparation. That is what my daddy said.
  18. Standard vs Blitz rating PigsRule Why people find blitz more fun than standard chess is beyond me.
  19. Lichess Widgets Smokecraft Looks great! Well done.
  20. Standard vs Blitz rating Smokecraft +1 Great answer jonc
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