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  1. Classical time controls canadaprodigy900 otb and online
  2. Classical time controls LM ChessInstinct OTB it doesn't really matter for me
  3. Classical time controls LM ChessInstinct on lichess 5+5 or 10+5
  4. Classical time controls LM ChessInstinct Classical times control of lichess or OTB?
  5. Classical time controls attwo What do you mean by "classical"? Actual classical i.e. OTB games or "i…
  6. Classical time controls canadaprodigy900 Hey everybody I would like to ask you guys what your favourite classic…
  7. Blindfold chess Unihedron Yes. You can access it with a screen reader.
  8. Blindfold chess ebrankoftis #3 is this feature available on lichess yet?
  9. Beautiful Daniel906 this is one of the most amazing puzzles i have ever seen you will be s…
  10. Blindfold chess Unihedron There is the blind mode.
  11. Blindfold chess ebrankoftis I believe you can use Fritz in blindfold mode. You just type the start…
  12. Online players kiseiju also, your naòe disappear from the list if you're inactive long enough
  13. Online players Caustic *and I assume you have to have a ranking high within a certain variant…
  14. Online players Caustic Er, yes, kreedz mostly answered it for you. You only get a ranking whe…
  15. Online players canadaprodigy900 so does anyone know the answer?
  16. Online players kreedz Sorry for the confusion, I read only a few words of your message.
  17. Online players kreedz Your rating is provisional.…
  18. Online players canadaprodigy900 Hello all I would like to know the reason why some online players in t…
  19. Better lisibility for blunders… Little_Bobby_Tables The player who made the mistake is the one who made the last move befo…
  20. Better lisibility for blunders… Leek_Wars Hello, I really love the computer analysis, It is really good, espe…
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