Libera enlinea Shakoludo. Shakoludez nun en neta interfaco. Nula enrejistro, nula reklamo, nula extensoprogramo necesa. Shakoludez kun komputero, amiki o hazarda adversi.
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  1. 960 - advanced search for star […] ephome Big fan of FR, I'd like to see this feature too. I think one weakness […]
  2. Stuck move bug. shashist I managed to replicate it. Started a game, filled my connection with d […]
  3. A Great Spy Novel! OnceUponAPawn In my opinion, Ian Michael Tottenham is the best contemporary author.
  4. Chess meeting in London! chunkymonkey I'm in Lincoln....rookie?
  5. Bug: Analysis board isn't load […] eddieo This functionality broke somewhat recently. I was using it a couple da […]
  6. Chess meeting in London! chunkymonkey Damn! That's even further away from me....I did open my big mouth thou […]
  7. Chess meeting in London! Happy0 chunkymonkey, I would totally be up for a Lichess meetup in Glasgow :D […]
  8. Correspondence game history Kapsarov I would like to have easy way to see correspondence history: When i […]
  9. Bug in correspondence games Kapsarov When you click play, games in play - it must be red text under each ga […]
  10. Please make a "report a player […] Lat5 I would like to suggest that you make the report form much more visibl […]
  11. Annotating games Malevolent I'm not sure if this feature is already here but is it possible to all […]
  12. hiding information; opponents […] LogicallyCompromised thank you all good sirs possible misses for your feedback. i ran in […]
  13. Correspondence game history Kartikay Same problem with me also.
  14. Lichess meetup à Paris, ce mer […] rzenaikrzys Friends,have fun, please interesting photos, the meeting may be a new […]
  15. Correspondence game history Haniel I have the same problem. My current workaround is to bookmark every co […]
  16. games list hitsujyun Thank you for the information!
  17. Lichess meetup à Paris, ce mer […] thibault Last reminder guys! See you tonight for beers, bughouse, and a unique […]
  18. Dude resigned after I took his […] RainOfMeteors So? That seems pretty typical to me. I surrender when I blunder like that too.
  19. games list flugsio Your own games is always at the top so that you easily can cancel them […]
  20. games list hitsujyun Me too. […]
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Atomic Chess! And more

Let's start 2015 the right way: with three new features!

Fifty million games

The numbers are telling us that lichess is growing very fast!

December awesomeness

This month: Correspondence chess, Antichess, Simuls, and more.