Libera enlinea Shakoludo. Shakoludez nun en neta interfaco. Nula enrejistro, nula reklamo, nula extensoprogramo necesa. Shakoludez kun komputero, amiki o hazarda adversi.
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alexthegreat 1675
Lindhorst 1616
inqure 1534
LXX 1512



purt 1816
BenLZ 1790
zonyart 1763
romans920 1743
KillerLud 1743
viksav 1743
Grigory 1739
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  1. Saragossa opening good? piskopos Of course but this a funny game.
  2. About Thibault's and Clarkey's […] AdmiralA F_D89 is correct. Sporting a full beard makes it easier to hide a quee […]
  3. Saragossa opening good? AdmiralA The Bongcloud is absolutely formidable.
  4. Palestine Flag insidejob911 There:
  5. Palestine Flag insidejob911 There is no Palestine flag. Add it.
  6. My best game on Lichess! F_D89 Good game. His Rxc1 was quite weird though, but he probably thought he […]
  7. Saragossa opening good? piskopos You can play Bongcloud game?
  8. The music of chess (or, at lea […] F_D89 Aronian always listens to classical music right before a game to becom […]
  9. About Thibault's and Clarkey's […] F_D89 I heard sporting a full beard adds 200 points to your ELO.
  10. A typical bongcloudattack- draw F_D89 Will the greatness that is the Bongcloud fundamentally change our appr […]
  11. Saragossa opening good? F_D89 How dare you insult the Bongcloud like that. It's a solid and tight opening.
  12. Feature Request: Best Pool players. Yepith This feature would allow people to see the top players in each of the […]
  13. The music of chess (or, at lea […] Hasimir NoTimewasters, you are a man of excellent taste there. ;) Dreamwal […]
  14. About Thibault's and Clarkey's […] rzenaikrzys Souvik,I like You:-) but...Thibault is a Renassaince man,not jungle […]
  15. Saragossa opening good? piskopos Bongcloud very irregular and risky.
  16. Saragossa opening good? F_D89 The opening makes no sense. I'd rather play the Bongcloud.
  17. The music of chess (or, at lea […] MsCaroKann The structure of a complete chess game is simular to many pieces of cl […]
  18. Saragossa opening good? piskopos i like it.
  19. About Thibault's and Clarkey's […] Souvik No never do not shave your beards just like me.Beards are the symbol of lion.
  20. Swiss tournaments MoralIntentions There are now Swiss tournaments on lichess! We can now discuss how the […]
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