Libera enlinea Shakoludo. Shakoludez nun en neta interfaco. Nula enrejistro, nula reklamo, nula extensoprogramo necesa. Shakoludez kun komputero, amiki o hazarda adversi.
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  1. Help from master needed motion this fortress seems to work but t […]
  2. Help from master needed motion I played automatically withou thinking, it gives a solid fortress I th […]
  3. hate of puzzles Cynosure I have never reached this position in a chess game: http://en.lichess. […]
  4. Free Lessons MikeyG It's extremely fun and rewarding! I think my strengths as a coach are […]
  5. Help from master needed motion that is astonishing but its above human play, u really need to think […]
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  7. What Chess Openings are the Strongest? tisnjh #6 How would we know that? We don't have the time to go through our o […]
  8. hate of puzzles tisnjh #3 The logic is that one would almost have a zero chance of reaching […]
  9. There ought to be an "Unfinish […] static_shadow If the idea is to keep a clean crosstable record with someone you play […]
  10. E-mail usage Chess_Agent #14... yeah, true... But ... you know how hard it is to find a nice us […]
  11. E-mail usage Chess_Agent #13 You'd have to clear that with their parents first... I think th […]
  12. hate of puzzles static_shadow Except that all the puzzles are directly taken from games in the liche […]
  13. E-mail usage P00p You people and your obsession with online identity. I welcome anyone w […]
  14. hate of puzzles rise_UIED I console myself with the belief, that most of the situations where th […]
  15. E-mail usage Wizard_Nick See I actually would like to have the same email for multiple accounts […]
  16. E-mail usage mwghost "maybe a little TL;DR at the beginning of your forum post would be hel […]
  17. E-mail usage Chess_Agent #5, "So, I started this new one"... It's alright to have more than one […]
  18. Help from master needed achja I played it in 2 games against Stockfish. Me as white against Stockfi […]
  19. hate of puzzles ChessFlub I honestly think that the puzzles are going to destroy my life. Primar […]
  20. [GAMES] Post your best games here! eatchipss leningrad is one of those openings i wish i was brave enough to play
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