Libera enlinea Shakoludo. Shakoludez nun en neta interfaco. Nula enrejistro, nula reklamo, nula extensoprogramo necesa. Shakoludez kun komputero, amiki o hazarda adversi.
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  1. A different window opens in th […] Clarkey Sounds like malware.
  2. The board in King of the Hill Clarkey We've played with ideas like this, altering the colours of the central […]
  3. New puzzle format Clarkey I didn't notice it as first, but there definitely is a few millisecond […]
  4. New puzzle format georgeglue I'm definitely not a fan. It doesn't feel as responsive, in particular […]
  5. The board in King of the Hill grondilu Today on IRC I showed one of my KotH games and although I did mention […]
  6. New puzzle format thibault The issues should be resolved now.
  7. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt Like this king hunting and mate.
  8. A different window opens in th […] thibault What Clarkey said is correct.
  9. A different window opens in th […] erindreki I am certain this is a lichess bug. The other applications I'm running […]
  10. Anybody want free chess lessons? JimmyMow Hey everyone. I am building a site to give chess lessons over the inte […]
  11. New puzzle format claymore I noticed this bug as well... from what I understand, it'll be fixed soon.
  12. Puzzles are bugged thibault Thank you all for the bug reports. A hard page refresh (Ctrl+F5) will […]
  13. New puzzle format mCoombes314 I've just tried the new puzzle thing and... why do you have to click o […]
  14. Puzzles are bugged emtezet Im using Firefox and having problem with promotions too. When Im tryin […]
  15. New puzzle format Clarkey In extension to what claymore has said, the board being tested on puzz […]
  16. New puzzle format claymore No, one cannot at present. But I believe the option will come soon. […]
  17. New puzzle format notslef With the new puzzle format can one disable legal move highlighting? "S […]
  18. Puzzles are bugged ximatzo With firefox works better, thou you have to promote twice to have a queen
  19. Puzzles are bugged FredPalakon Solution: use Firefox. :)
  20. Puzzles are bugged ximatzo This one, for example:
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